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Top 10 Hot foreign guys for Asian dating

Thai women and their Top 10 Hot foreign guys – Fun information you should know to succeed Thai Dating

Asian dating is more and more popular on Cyber community. To date in Asia, the basic studying of cultural difference and women’s preference can help you succeed in your love mission. For you guys who are fancying for a Thai dating, let’s check whether you are among the Top Ten most popular foreign guys Thai ladies are craving for.

No1 German guys – family man and Honesty
German men mostly are impressed with Thai women who have a strong bondage with their parents and big family. German men are well known of anti- divorce and many of them are Catholics. So they are the true family men with high respect to the wives, which are positive characters Thai women are looking for.

No2 Swiss guys – Well planning and well-off
For Asian dating, many Thai women like Switzerland for its typical image of the beautiful and civilized country. The Swiss men then hold the look of well-off, well planning and financially well-organized breadwinners. Thai women also perceive that Swiss men are warm and are ready to bring up a small family in peaceful happiness.

No3 American guys – Open-minded and easy-going
USA is always the Thai women’s dream destination. The American guys hold the characters of being open-minded, easy-going and liberal, which are positive to some Thai ladies who enjoy socialized parties and straightforward and informal style of love relationship in Asian dating.

No4 British guys – Attractively introverted and royal-look
Thai women seem to have idealistic linkage between British guys and the royal princes. The British people are also characteristically introverted, which are mysteriously attractive to many Thai women who are similarly shy and reserved.

No5 Swedish guys – Family men and sweet playboy-look
Swedish men’s characters are deemed closest to Thai culture; they love their family and enjoy the big family bonding. They also treat women nicely with their unobvious playboy-look which draw Thai women attention well.

No6 French guys – Haute Couture and Romantic
The French culture and its haute-couture fame frame the French men to be high-society and romantic. Some Thai women feel privileged to hang out or to have French boyfriends. French men are also famous of being honest to their family which Thai women are in favor of.

No7 Dutch men – Highly responsible and kind
Despite being criticized as thrifty, Dutch men are high responsible and are extremely accountable in what they do. Thai women also say Dutch men have good hearts and nice to go out with.

No8 – Australian men – Macho-look with high accountability
The Down under is one of the top dream places on earth Thai women fancy for and so are Australian guys. They look so masculine and hardworking which can add the Thai ladies a sense of being secure.

No9 – New Zealand men – Financially Prudent and nature lover
New Zealand men hold the look of fighters from a distant continent. The way they love nature and be sensible at spending make New Zealand the nice nation for ladies to find some decent men.

No10 – Norway men – Adventurous and diverse
Coming from the cold and icy Land, Norway men are typically adventurous and socialized. Norway men especially like Thai women and they feel lucky if they have Thai girlfriends. So it is no doubt Thai ladies put them on the Top Ten hot and popular guys.

Top Ten hot guys are just the statistics resulted from Thai women’s insightful interview. If you are not one of those top ten, it does not mean you will not succeed in Asian dating or Thai dating. To date in Asia possesses something more valuable than nationality- that is true feeling and sincerity.

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