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9 Questions to screen a good woman on Asian dating website

Asian dating website provides a convenient and exciting way to explore a good lady to chat and to build a relationship with. Thai dating is so popular because Thai women are very charm. In a way, to ask the right questions is a key success to learn what kind of woman you are talking to. Here are some good tips of the top nine questions to scan and validate if such a woman is a honey-queen, sweet princess, or someone with unpleasant issues.

1. What makes you interested in online dating?

Well, in Asian culture, Asian dating online is uncommon to some women being born in a conservative family. This question can study her attitude toward online dating whether she is just an online beginner or a real expert. You can also learn her basic expectation such as looking for someone to talk to kill the time, or actively looking for a real soul mate.

2. Which part of the country / what province are you from?

Asian women are different and unique in their own way. To learn their hometown is good guidance to assume their fundamental personality and appearance in brief. Thai dating, for example, Thai ladies are basically believed to be appealing at each region: Thai woman from the North are light skinned, sweet and relaxed, from North Eastern – tanned and exotic, loyal, family-lover, and friendly, from the South – brown skinned with sharp facial look, active and lovely.

3. What did you study or what you are studying?

Education is key to evaluate her life background and knowledge. Many Asian women have an excellent academic background, which can further be assumed that she would have a good career and good earning. If she is well-educated, this can be presumed that she is not here for a gold digging mission.

4. What are you doing?

Question about career background is basic to explore whether she is nice or needy. There are some bargirls in Thai dating that you should avoid. You may not want to waste time talking to a nightlife lover lady who is unemployed and is looking for some millionaire to hang out with.

5. Who is your hero or big role model?

This question is a good general question to learn their attitude. If her answer is her member family, it shows how she is caring and family lover. Or if she mentions some historic important person or a successful businessman, you can judge her interest background more or less.

6. What do you do on Friday night or weekend?

This typical question helps you illustrate her favorite activity, preference and her lifestyle. For instance, a party lover girl, a Netflix addicted, social work volunteer or sporty woman.

7. What is your hobby?

Asian dating is a good opportunity to learn a different culture. So, asking about her hobby is a nice one to break the ice and open to other conversation topics.

8. Are you religious?

Asian dating is involved a bit about various religion, belief and sometimes superstition stuff. To question her about religion help you plan a proper way to talk on the sensitive issue. And luckily if you both are in the same religion, online dating is much easier.

9. Have you ever married or in a common law relationship?

This question will let you know about her background. She may ever get married before or she may have a kid. Talk about her past relationship as your relationship develop and you will find out the truth of her. If she still single, ask about her family eg. father, mother and her sibling. You may also want to spy on her a little bit by asking for her Facebook. If she is hiding something you will notice that none of her brothers or sisters are in her friend list.

These are only some top-ranked question list to direct a basic Asian and Thai woman screening on online dating. Hope your well-prepared questions help shorten your screening time from needy or crazy lady on cyberspace. Meet some beautiful Thai women here at Asian dating website.

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