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  • Danele Javier from Germany
    I chatted with Chanya for a while before I decided to go to meet her in Thailand. She wins my heart and soul. She loves to cook Thai food for me. We decided to get married after my second trip.
  • Justin Smith from USA
    I finally met my soulmate on ThaiWestern. I travelled to Thailand in 2015 to met Yuwaluck. At the beginning we had some language barrier but it couldn't stop our love. We continued to communicate and learnt each other through this website. I know she is the right one that I was looking for.
  • Nattaya from Phrae, Thailand
    I joined ThaiWestern in 2016. I met Robert here. We started to fall in love after we knew each other about four months. He wanted to see me in person so he came to Thailand to meet me and my family. We really had lots of wonderful dates in Thailand. In 2017, we decided to get married and I moved to UK.
  • Ying from Chiang Mai, Thailand
    I met my husband, Neil here. He is from Denmark. He came to visit me on 22Songkran festival and we bonded with each other. Thank you so much to offer this wonderful site. I will recommend your website to my single friends.
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